In 2015 it is estimated that about 800.000 migrants crossed the Agean sea from Turkey into Greece. When on March 2016 the EU-Turkey deal was signed in order to stop the sea crossings, the situation drastically changed. The amount of refugees transiting from Turkey to Greece over sea came close to zero. With more than 3 million refugees residing in Turkey, the country is the number 1 in the world when it comes to hosting refugees.


This reportage is about people who are stuck or settled in Turkey and don’t (currently) have the ambition to cross into Europe. Some came years ago as seasonal workers, some came to earn money in order to cross the sea and others left official refugee camps because they want to work and make something of their life. The people live in so called ‘de facto settlements’ which move from place to place and change in size. Their living conditions are unhygienic with shelter made of plastic sheeting, they have no access to health facilities and work for a minimum wage in the fields. Different local actors like ‘Imece’ are trying to help these people. Imece goes to de-facto settlements and provides the refugees with health consultations and basic items. This reportage was made while I was on a visiting tour with Imece in different de-facto settlements.


Turkey, 2015

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