photography by isabel corthier

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It's about dignity

As a photographer I get the opportunity to meet people in very diverse situations around the world: people fleeing from war, people surviving drought, people working hard to provide a better future for their children... 

Taking pictures of people living in harsh conditions cannot be taken for granted. You don’t point your camera and just fire. I try to make a human connection. Besides asking permission I need to cross a number of bridges, both cultural and emotional.


In these - sometimes inhumane - situations, I feel the desire to help give back dignity by giving them the attention and respect that every one of us deserves. Hopefully my work reflects this attitude.

Organised in THEMES and longer term PROJECTS this site provides an overview of the work I’ve been doing for the last thirteen years. More than the portfolio of a photographer, I hope you’ll see this as a tribute to all of us, "Humans".





""Dress like a gentleman, behave like gentleman" in South Africa
Ex-child soldiers in Uganda
Afrikaburn festival in South Africa
Sex workers on the frontlines of the HIV response in Malawi
Female Genital Mutilation in Guinea
A bygone era in Mozambique
100 Years after Mandela's birth in South Africa
A year after independence
Conflict mediation in the Central African Republic
Surfers with "diffabilities" in South Africa
After cyclone Idai in Mozambique
Teenage pregnancy in the Philippines
in Iceland