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We all matter

Surfers with "diffabilities"

‘We all matter’ is a portrait series on surfers with disabilities.


These surfers are people, mainly children, with Autistic Spectrum, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome and various medical conditions. They are portrayed in a very proud way.


The series shows the strenght, the perseverance and the adaptations people can show if they get the right support and opportunities to develop their talents.

Also the coach is portrayed amongst them. Who will tell who it is?


The initiative ‘Smile and Waves’ of the Believe in Schatzi NPO is leading the way for adaptive surfing in South Africa. Lessons are held in Muizenberg, Cape Town. They’d rather call it people with ‘diffabilities’ than ‘disabilities’.


The series was exhibited at The Masque Theatre in Cape Town during the Muizenberg Festival.

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