South Sudan 

MSF (Doctors without Borders) is working since a long time in South Sudan, first during the civil war and afterwards in order to intervene when emergencies - like the current civil war, hit.


Gogrial, the place of the project I worked with, MSF is located in Warrap State in the North of South Sudan. Although Warrap State is President Salva Kiir's home base, the region doesn't play any particular role in the political landscape of the country. In fact it even remains one of the poorest states with a ridiculous small infrastructural investment. In the homestate of the president 64% of the population lives below the poverty line.


When it comes to Maternal mortality and infant mortality, Warrap state is one of the leading places. Healthcare services are extremely rare and the patients walked sometimes for days in order to reach the MSF hospital. It's impressive to see how MSF is able to run a PHCC (Primary Healt Care Centre) with an operational theatre (in an inflatable tent) in a place a backpacker wouldn't be able to reach. 


Next to the regular hospital, two additional - emergency - interventions were carried out. As a reaction on a beginning outbreak, MSF organized a measles vaccination campaign with 30,527 children vaccinated. MSF also started a nutritional program in two separate areas with a permanent team detached in these locations. In total 1.855 children were admitted. ​ Another additional project was a fistula campaign with 54 patients.


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