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The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all of us, but the people who suffer the most are the ones who struggle now harder then ever to find food and get acces to health care. That’s why I decided to support some of my favourite charity organisations through the sales of my photos.

And you can help!

For every sale, I will donate 50% of the profit to the mentioned organisation.

Photos are printed on FUJIFILM Fine Art Baryte Gloss Paper 310gsm.

Prices: 100 euro for medium size prints,  200 euro for large size prints. The size mentioned is the size of the image, every print is outlined with a large white border.

For five weeks I will be putting a new theme in the spotlight every week via social media, with a new organization to receive the donation.

A BIG thanks to you all! 


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Sex workers on the frontline of the HIV Response

in Malawi

Charity: Doctors without Borders

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Sometimes you don’t have the choice and you find yourself as the only one who takes responsibility for the children. But there are no job offers and you may have talents, but no capital to start your own business. As a result many women in Malawi turn to prostitution. Malawi has one of the highest rates in the world when it comes to HIV (AIDS). These women are at great risk of getting infected with this virus and other communicable diseases. In addition, they are heavily stigmatized. DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS provides them with information and care and even engages them to protect themselves and the population against this epidemic. Because, of course, you don't do sex work alone!

Click here to see the full photo reportage on my website.



Melting Ice​

in Iceland

Charity: Greenpeace


Our beautiful earth is heating up. Summers are getting hotter, icebergs melt, sea levels rise. These impending changes are clearly measurable in Iceland. The consequences are felt in the rest of the world. Drought and floods cause increased poverty around the world. GREENPEACE is committed to limiting the human impact on climate change worldwide. Because if we do our best here, we can make a difference elsewhere.

Click here to see the full photo reportage on my website.



Female Genital Mutilation ​

in Guinea-Conakry


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Worldwide, 200 million girls are the victims of female genital mutilation. In Belgium, the number is estimated at 13,000. In the West African country Guinea-Conakry, the number even reaches almost 97%. The procedure is done in a gruesome way. The girls are traumatized and are often dealing with lifelong physical complaints from this procedure. These often cause complications later on when they have to give birth, in a country where healthcare is not optimal. UNICEF is committed to protecting children's rights and fights against this practice worldwide, primarily through widespread awareness-raising and sensibilization. When some traditions conflict with the rights of children, UNICEF engages in changing these for children’s well-being.

Click here to see the full photo reportage on my website.




in Lebanon and Jordan



Lebanon and Jordan have for a long time been a safe haven for the many refugees from surrounding conflict areas such as Syria and Iraq. In Lebanon, 1 in 4 people are refugees, which is the highest number of refugees in the world per capita. The economies of both countries are under severe pressure. The recent drama in Lebanon makes the situation more dire than ever before. Fortunately, they can still count on the support of their loyal partner CARITAS INTERNATIONAL BELGIUM. We can help to make them to help.

Click here and here to see both full photo reportages on my website.



Potato farmers 

in Peru

Charity: TRIAS 

Potato farmers in the Peruvian Andes mountains live and work at altitudes of almost 4000 meters. The work is hard and makes you tire quickly. Living conditions are harsh: the nights are icy cold. Many women from these farmer families do not have the same rights to land and pay as their male counterparts. Even though they take part in the same hard work, such as peeling potatoes with their bare feet, a part of the preservation process. TRIAS empowers entrepreneurial people worldwide and assist farmer and entrepreneur organisations in breaking through gender inequality. The aim is to create strong communities, in which people enjoy the same rights regardless of age, race or gender.

Click here to see the full photo reportage on my website.


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