Peruvian farmers in the area of Kishuara only have the sale of their potatoes to save their children from hunger.  But growing potatoes at an altitude of 4,000 metres requires considerable enterprise. Because of the bleak weather, the rickety infrastructure and remote parcels, the farmers' families in and around the Peruvian mountain village of Kishuara are very poor. The market in Lima is 800 kilometres away and the prices are low. 


With Trias' support the farmers in the region of Kishuara established the Coopagros co-operative, an association organising training courses and workshops. They also provide microcredits to the farmers and explore new markets.


The farmers have a very original way to conserve their potatoes through freezing, leaking and sun-drying. For a part of the proces they trample the potatoes underfoot, flattening them to remove any moisture. These freeze-dried potatoes are called chuños and can be stored for years.

An assignment for TRIAS NGO.

Text: Trias

Kishuara, Peru, 2017

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