For about 50 years an exceptionally repressive communist dictatorship governed Albania. The totalitarian regime isolated the country from the international community.


Its economic policy was based on the principle of “relying on its own forces”, by which loans and credits from abroad were banned.

During communism, private property and wealth were confiscated by means of a special profit tax, thus eliminating the middle class. Industry was nationalized and private car ownership forbidden.

Hundreds of actual or suspected opponents of the regime were sentenced to death or long years of imprisonment.


In 1991 eventually emerged from isolation as a consequence of new winds that blew in Eastern Europe. Currently the country undergoes a series of reforms, aiming for integration into the European Community.


The legacy of Communism is still visible with the more than 700,000 concrete bunkers (with an average of 5.7 bunkers for every square kilometre)

built by the regime to thwart a military invasion from foreign powers.  


Albania, 2015

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