One talks about a mass casualty when there is a sudden influx of lots of patients at the same time. In order to efficiently deal with such an influx, the wounded are divided into 4 areas according to the urgency of care one needs. This goes from the ‘red’ area, patients who need care the most urgently, followed by the ‘yellow’ area, and the ‘green’ area. The ‘black’ area for whom any help is too late.

Often cattle raids, the act where a group often very violently steals cows from other pastoralists, is a cause of mass casualties.

That night, the patients were part of the group of ‘The Wounded Heroes’, ex-soldiers who got injured during the civil war against Sudan and are still on the payrol to help out in civil disasters. That night they had been involved in a car accident themselves.

MSF never allows weapons inside the hospital compound and will ask people to take of their army uniform before entering.

The whole MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) team was ready to accomodate all the patients. There were no deadly wounded and only a small amount of serious injuries.

Gogrial, South Sudan, 2013

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