During the 8 months I worked in the hospital in Gogrial, we had to prepare two times for a mass casualty. One talks about a mass casualty when there is  a sudden influx of many patients at the same time.


In order to efficiently deal with such an influx, a part of the hospital gets divided into 4 areas. Every area will host patients according to the seriousness of their wounds, going from the ‘green’ area for patients who hardly need any care, to the ‘black’ area for people who are dead or for whom any help is too late. Patients who need care the most urgent go to the red area, followed by the yellow area.

All the national staff, from doctors, construcion workers, cooks and cleaners, came over to help that night. It was a wonderful collaboration.


The patients we received in this mass casualty were called ‘the wounded heroes’, ex-soldiers.

who got wounded during the civil war of Sudan and are still on payrol to help out in civil disasters. That night they had been involved in a car accident themselves.


Because MSF never allows weapons and will ask people to take of their army uniform before entering, we collected their weapons at the hospital entrance. Luckily there were no deadly wounded and only a small amount of serious injuries.




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