Nevertheless Uganda’s reputation of being one of Africa’s friendliest, safest and stable countries of Africa, it’s still fighting a deadly fight: HIV.  Although more than two decades ago Uganda was among the first countries on the continent to implement ambitious public health programs to fight the virus, one and a half million Ugandans are HIV positive and have to get adjusted to live a life on ARV's, at least if they manage to get the medicine. Many improvements have been achieved, but the number of new infections per year is currently increasing amongst the most-at-risk populations. Because homosexuality is illegal in Uganda, barriers to prevention, care and treatment for homosexuals regarding sexually transmitted diseases are enforced. As a result the number of homosexuals abandoning safe practices and their long-term treatment increases. In that perspective Uganda weakens its own fight against HIV. 

In 2001 MSF started a project in Arua, dedicated to HIV and its partner Tuberculosis. MSF has been working in Uganda since 1986. The project, based at the regional hospital of Arua was partly handed over to the MOH (Ministry of Health) in 2014. MSF still runs its labo in support of HIV patients.


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