Uganda is since more than a century known as 'the pearl of Africa' thanks to the beauty of its nature and people. The 35 million Ugandans of which about 50% live with less than 1 dollar a day, are famous for their warmth and hospitality. The beautiful Republic doesn't only welcome around a million tourists each year, in 2016 it hosted the 5th biggest refugee population in the world.


Uganda applies a very progressive refugee policy which allows refugees to come and seek protection, to work and to access basic services. Plots of land are allocated to the refugees to clear, build shelters and grow vegetables. 


I went for Médecins sans Frontières to Adjumani refugee camp to document their project in Ayilo. Thousands of South Sudanese refugees reside in the sites. MSF provided health care through mobile clinics and health centers and supplied a considerable part of the refugees with water. At the start of the crisis MSF showed a fast emergency response and as time passed, interventions got handed over to other actors.

Adjumani, Uganda, 2014

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