With “Discover Vrygrond” Isabel investigates unknown talented people living in one of the the oldest informal settlement in the Western Cape.

Because of the living conditions in Vrygrond and the lack of access to networks, these talents often stay under the radar of the big city. Though in the community they might play an important role.

If they find the right platform, these people can become role models for the youth, preventing them from going into drug abuse and crime.

Isabel presents the people as if they were on a ‘Red Carpet’, standing on a stage that rises up from the unpolished background of the township.

Each of the people featured is strong, proud, and self-confident in a unique and natural way.

The title "Discovering Vrygrond" refers to publicity for touristic destinations where people like to discover another culture and its hidden gems. At the same time it refers to the talents one discovers when growing up in life.


Vrygrond, Cape Town, 2017

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